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    how to make symbol changeable?

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      im making a flash animation in which i made a symbol called #_mc which is in a symbol called #_anim_mc withhin the sceane.

      the #_mc contain "#". the #_anim_mc contain motion tween of the the "#" coming in from the left to the right. now within the main timeline i duplicated the #_anim_mc 100 times and i need to switch them with numbers but not all togethor. one by one. for ex: the 1st after 20 frames the 2nd after 28 frames etc.  now i dont know how to make changes in each one to time them when to switch to a number. the only think i can think about is to make 100 differnt symbol each one allready set to its own timing. im not so fermiliar with scripts.

      any idea anyone?