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    Absolute Positioning to App Window inside List (dataProvider)


      I've got an an arraycollection of data points that look something like this:


      private var renderArray:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([{id:"123456",name:"Carnegie Mellon University",city:"Pittsburgh",state:"PA",
                      {id:"654321",name:"Case Western Reserve University",city:"Cleveland",state:"OH",


      I've got a List component rendering the above data with a seperate itemrender defined in "mainListRenderer.mxml"

      In addition to rendering the text in the List object via <s:Label text="{data.name}"/>, I would like to place an ellipse object in the map. I already have the code to generate the x and y coordinates on the map from the latitude and longitude, but how can I place the ellipse with absolute positioning? Does it have something to do with the ellipse.owner property?


      I would liek to keep the ellipse inside the itemrender so I can change its appearance as the list text is hovered over.


      See image below.