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    SaveAs and Clear JavaScript


      I am new to Adobe Forms and would like to check if anyone has a javascript for forms in Acrobat.  I have Acrobat Standard and I have created a form.  I need to create a "Submit" button to perform a SaveAs and then Clear the form for a new entry.  I am trying to perform some analysis and need to type information on the form, then SaveAs to a folder, and clear the data so I can start new data input.  Since I am new, I really need the script already written and mention of how to place in the "Submit" button.  I do not need to SaveAs into a specific folder, though this would be nice.  A script to SaveAs and a separate "Clear" would also work.


      Bottomline is that I need to populate a form, then save the form with the data, and start a new form data entry.  I have to do this for several hundred values and simplifying this would help get the job completed much faster.


      Any help is really appreciated.


      Thank You,