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    Brand new to Flash. Looking for a little assistance


      I've been working with Photoshop for years but recently started using dreamweaver to build sites. I want to make a flash intro for the site I am currently working on and have never used Flash before. I am looking to make a simple flash intro with no buttons and have it automatically cycle through the images I have. I have checked out a few books and sites but none have really helped. I'm looking for a tutorial to make an intro like the one on this page: http://juliodelsesto.com/

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          There's a couple ways to do this, it's not complicated.


          A quick way is to use After Effects and load the pictures into layers, have them dissolve into one another, then do File:Export:Flash]

          to make a quick swf file.  Just put the swf file at the top of your DreamWeaver page.


          To do this in flash, there is a very good tutorial on slide shows at Lynda.com:

          Go to:




          In general, the method is to Import the bitmaps into your library, you could set your scene at 12 fps, then drop each picture onto your stage and have them stay on there for 12 frames each, on frames 13-24 will be picture 2, etc.  Then create a dissolve effect in between the pictures, possibly with a motion tween.