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    Flash Player 10 has slowed my computer way down ....


      I'm 64 and never had a problem like this before. There is one game in the Microsoft game site (Club Bing/Flexicon) where I kept getting this message,

      "Ascript in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to run slow. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script y/n." When I click "Y", the screen goes to gibberish, so I selected "N" to play the game. By the way, this only happens with this one game. After doing this for several days, I decided to check my email. From the initial click until my mail showed up, it was 17 seconds. Google and others take longer.


      I un-installed Flash Player and re-installed it to no avail. That's when I gave up and did a full HD wipe. All was well until I started with that game again. That's where I am now. This thing's slower than ever.


      Oh I forgot, When I downloaded Flash Player the last time, it didn't work. It told me to go to Internet Options/Security/Custom/ and go to Active X Controls and Plugins. Set Download Signed Active X Controls to "Prompt". Then it said Set Run Active X Controls & Plugins to "Prompt". That, at least, made a difference; it made things worse.


      I am a man of honor and live in Nova Scotia. I'd like this to be fixed for when the grandkids show up on the 19th.


      I am Dave