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    AVCHD -> Blu-ray: what settings for best quality?

    Igor Valentovitch Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      I've got a BD-burner and I want to export my edited HD avchd footage to BD with minimal quality loss.

      Can you please advice me on the right settings?


      * should I go for the 'Match Sequence Settings' option in the export menu?


      * or probably select 'MPEG 2 Blu-ray' option for best quality?


      * what is better in terms of quality of the outcome: 'MPEG 2 Blu-ray' vs. 'H.264 Blu-ray'?



      Finally, I have a question related to Adobe Encore: the same footage exported through Adobe Media Encoder in 'MPEG2 Blu-ray' (takes 13 GB), Adobe Encore reports will take only 8GB?!? I'm puzzled here. How come the same footage got exported into files with different length? Is there a way to set the Encore to export in the maximum possible quality? Where can I locate this menu setting?


      Thank you very much!