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    I see a line when an object moves fast

    animationlife Level 1

      project shot.JPGOk, I shoot a Video with My CANON XHA1S AT: 1440 X 1080 30 fps, with the speed of 60. I created a new project as you can see in Capture Shot.

      I don't know why, But I suddenly see a shakey - line when a hand or any object moves close to the camera. Inside my Timeline I Slowed Motion few Tracks to 32%, the rest is at normal speed, When I check the speed for other Tracks it shows 99.9 %.

      Any answer please



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          Valter Vilar Level 2

          Try rendering a small part (and exporting it) of your timeline and preview it. Is the line still there?


          My experience now is that with the hacked Mercury, the preview is not always top notch but rendering is.


          Are you using interlaced video (you seem to be)? If yes, and you are slowing down your footage the shutter speed you used will make a huge difference in your slows. Usually you want it to be double what you normally use. 60 would be the bare minimum. 250 would be great.


          On my XH A1 (not your model) 120 works fine (increasing it to 250 would mean I have lots of light, like outdoors for example). BTW, try the 60i mode. It has *double* the frames, which is great for slows.