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    Company that helps Mexican street dogs needs flash help!


      I live in the mountains in Mexico and am having a really hard time finding a Flash programmer. There are just indians and Zapatistas here. I bought an e-commerce template and designed everything how I wanted it, but it's not working.


      I cant' make the combo boxes on my shop.fla page work. Actually I'm not even sure if the xml (products) is working correctly with it. This page is kind of a mess. The add to cart button never works either.


      I also can't figure out how to make the slider work with my text on the faqs.fla.


      In my preview.fla, I want to make the menu buttons more visible (white would be fine), but don't know how.


      I don't want to preloader to cover the header "get involved" when it loads. I know I need a new xml page to link with it to fix this, but I know nothing about xml.


      Also what is the standard height I should make the preview page so that it shows the whole page in the browser.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated and it's for a good cause. Please help if you can. Thanks. Plus if you want I'll send you a handmade leather dog collar. Gracias.