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    User Interface Crash


      Hey, I am haveing some trouble.


      When i run adobe after effects, it crashes when it reaches initializing user interface. I cannot figure out why. any suggestions?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Information such as operating system and version number would be good for a start.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I concur with Todd. It would realyl help to get more specific info. UI crashes usualyl eitehr are caused by general graphics card configuration issues or damaged workspace files and prefs...



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              Like Chris I have a similar problem - in my case the system hangs at Initialising User Interface.  I'm attempting to run AE on an I7 920, 12 GB of memory with an nVidia 8600 GT display card feeding dual 24" 1920x1200 pixel monitors.  O/S is Vista Ultimate 64-bit.  I also have a Matrox MXO2 mini installed, with a Quadro card planned for the near future to replace the 8600.


              I've tried a reinstall to no avail.  The current driver for the display card dates back to last year, and I'm reluctant to update since another package depends on it, but obviously if it's an issue I'll have to.


              Any feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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                jwrl Level 1

                Follow on from above:  The MXO2 mini has now been removed, and the driver for the GeForce has been updated to version 257.21.  The same symptoms still apply.  I've lost two days on this and I'm now looking at farming the compositing for my current project out.  The alternative is to do a reformat and clean install I guess, but that isn't really a good solution because of ongoing work with other tools on that system.


                Has anyone got any ideas?


                PS: I've already tried the openGL debug process suggested in the technotes.  No joy.


                PPS:  I don't know what you were trying to say, chaletart1, but it left me blank.

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                  I am having a similar problem with After Effects CS5 and Photoshop CS5 (64 bit). I installed the full CS5 Master collection and everything works, except for those two. The both crash durring loading, and I can't sort out why. I have 8 gigs of RAM, a GeForce 230m, and i7 processor. Tried everything I know, but can't get those two programs to work.


                  PS. I'm using Windows 7 professional.

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                    jwrl Level 1

                    Update:  Did a full uninstall, and reinstalled with the current nVidia driver but no MXO2 mini.  The reinstall was done from the desktop and not from the discs, as suggested in the fault finding guide.  This time when I launched After Effects it again stopped at Initialising User Interface, but started a lot of hard drive activity.  That activity has currently been going on for half an hour.


                    My question is this:  I bought this as part of a bundle from Videoguys, and I want to keep the rest of the bundle.  Who do I return it to for a full refund, Videoguys or Adobe?  As it stands it's no use to me and I've currently lost three days work time because of it.

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                      jwrl Level 1

                      For what it's worth, here's the details of the hang as reported by MS debug log:




                        A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.


                      Problem signature:

                        Problem Event Name: AppHangB1

                        Application Name: AfterFX.exe

                        Application Version:

                        Application Timestamp: 4bb2fd36

                        Hang Signature: 3684

                        Hang Type: 0

                        OS Version: 6.0.6002.


                      ...and so on.

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                        Gary@Videoguys Level 1

                        Matrox has just released new Beta drivers for the MXO2 line of products with CS5. They are hoping to release the full drivers end of this month.


                        Release 3.0 of Matrox Mtx.utils should fix the issues you are running into.



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                          jwrl Level 1

                          Thanks Gary, for that.


                          I was intending to follow up with a question to you guys, but I've got to

                          say that I'm enormously impressed by your response.  Since I bought that

                          bundle so that I could use the mini with MC5, do you know if the update will

                          still allow me to use it for monitoring Avid?




                          John Leonard.

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                            Gary@Videoguys Level 1

                            yes it will. In fact you could move your mini between Avid MC5, CS5 and FCS3 at will. That's one of the coolest things about the Mini. Nothing comes close for flexibility. PC or Mac. Workstation or Laptp. Avid, Adobe or Apple.