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    After Effects CS5 RAM preview performance



      Has anyone figured this out yet?

      I am having this same problem with CS5 on a Windows 7 64-bit  core2duo 8GB machine AND I also have CS3 installed on the same system and it  works perfectly  with the same preference settings except that CS5 has much more RAM  available since it's 64-bit so why on earth would CS5 be so slow???


      Also, the timeline indicator is like dragging a stick  through the mud, it sticks and lags behind, whereas in CS3 I can scrub  the indicator as fast as I want with no lag.


      So is this a CS5 issue? A 64-bit issue? Cause CS3 is having no issues at all so far.


      Oh, and I also have Avid in stalled and I have an Avid qualified Quadro FX 3450 graphics card.


      I ran some tests with CS5 vs. CS3:

      Strangely, CS5 renders from the queue at the exact same speed as CS3  but RAM previews and timeline interactions are very, very slow.


      Here's what I got testing a single layer of HD video about 7.5 seconds long:



      33 seconds - Render queue at full resolution

      11 seconds - RAM preview at 1/4 resolution



      33 seconds - Render queue at full resolution

      42 seconds - RAM preview at 1/4 resolution


      Today, I ran the same test again and it took one minute and forty five  seconds to RAM preview the same clip that took CS3 eleven seconds to  preview! To me, that means that something is seriously wrong.


      I've read the articles and tried all conceivable configurations for memory allocation and  tried to turn multi-processing on and off, enabled/disabled disk cache, open GL on/off,  turning off anti-virus, etc., etc., etc.. There are no other programs running at the same time so AE is not  competing for resources with another app.


      Could something have gone wrong with the installation? Does it  matter that I have CS3 installed on the same machine? I'm totally  stumped.





      Windows 7 Professional


      Intel Core2duo 2.66GHz


      Intel D975XBX2 motherboard


      8GB Corsair DDR2 800MHz RAM


      NVidia Quadro FX 3450

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Erik, I branched this into a separate thread. You asked about CS5 on a thread that was about CS4.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Well, most importantly: What source files are we talking about? Be aware that since Apple does not provide a native 64bit version of QT on Windows, CS5 has to use a special translation method to get such data in and out of the program. That may cost a minimum of extra performance. Furthermore, general changes in handling specific footage types, e.g. to compensate for issues such as Gamma shifts may increase processing time...



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              I just posted the same kind of issue, the CS5 playback/previewing was better in CS4 for me.  Hope there are answers.

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                ErikW1969 Level 1

                Hey Mylenium,

                Thanks for the response. Sorry it took me a while but I'm just now getting to test some files based on your suggestions. I think you're definitely on to something. So here's what I found:


                These work fine:

                Quicktime: DV25, DVCPro 50
                MPEG 2

                MPEG 2 Blu-ray


                These are the problem file types:

                Quicktime: photo JPEG, motion jpeg b, animation


                When I try to RAM preview these movies in AE I hit zero and it renders the first 20 or so frames fairly quickly and then it stops and hangs up and then jumps a couple of frames and then freezes again, and if I hit zero AE will often freeze and give the "not responding" message and the window turns white.


                I was using Quicktime 7.6.5 and just updated to 7.6.6 but it made no difference. I also have the Raylight codecs installed for DVCPro 50 but it plays those files fine so I doubt that's a problem.


                Another thing I noticed is that the problem files also look washed out if you open them in Quicktime player but look fine in AE. Even stranger, after a few seconds, when the little "wait" icon goes away the player window flashes for a split second and the movies become even more washed out.

                QT-AE color difference.jpg


                BTW- I ran an overnight test on my RAM and it passed with no errors.


                Any suggestions what I might try next?




                -Erik W

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                  ErikW1969 Level 1


                  This turned out to be caused by PC Tools Spyware Doctor that must have been interfering with the quicktime transcoding process that Mylenium was talking about - or at least that's my theory. I had tried disabling Spyware doctor during the troubleshooting process but it made no difference until I completely uninstalled the software. I contacted PC Tools support and they sent this response:

                  "We are aware that running Spyware Doctor can cause some Adobe programs  to increase their start up speed. To assist you, I have disabled the  Behavior Guard plugin from your Spyware Doctor license. To update this  change, please uninstall and reinstall Spyware Doctor. If you can feel  noticeable difference, reply to this email and I will escalate this  issue to be reviewed."


                  This did fix all of the problems I was having with slow RAM previews, scrubbing in the timeline, slow startups, etc. so I let PC Tools know and hopefully they are working on a permanent solution.


                  I hope this saves someone else the trouble I went through trying to figure this out.