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    Flex from Flash point of view


      Hi at all, I'm an Flash Developer since many years.


      I have start Flash Builder (Flex 4) this week and i have see the difference with Flash

      and i want to share you my 2cent about.


      1) Code
          Flash Builder is very code-oriented than Flash. If you need to create code-oriented application,

          than choose Flash Builder.


      2) Graphical

          Flash Builder have very poor graphical environmental. I can't create visually a Rect but i can create it from MXML: WHY?

          I can't create visually an animation (with frame), but i can create it with Catalyst and than import it in Flex but i have not

         a roundtrip so if i modify the animation (add code) and than try to re-open it in Catalyst i see an error.


      3) Pages

          Create a pages it's easy with Flash Builder and than more complex in Flash.

          Create a pages with sub-pages it's easy again with Flash Builder and more-more complex with Flash.

          Create a pages with sub-pages with sub-pages it's easy again with Flash Builder, but more-more-more complex with Flash.


      4) Debug

          Flash Builder it's great. Flash ... not so great.


      5) Integration with Illustrator

         I have see that Catalyst can import VERY WELL illustrator. Than Flash no.


      6) Event Oriented Interaction

          Flash Builder is great with Bind {myListBox.selectedItem.surname}, than Flash no.


      7) Integration with Server Side

         Flash Builder (with WebOrb 4 beta) can use intellisense of server-side .Net Dll very well. Than Flash no (no sure of that).


      8) Animations inside a App

          Very poor in Flash Builder. Flash is the best on this.


      9) Integration with Catalyst:

          Flash can't do it. Flash Builder can import it but not re-export it for edit again in Catalyst.

          I think (but i'm not sure) that i workaroud is to WRAP any catalyst component. So if the component change, than the 'code' is saved.

          I think that code-behind tecnology of .Net can be a better paradigma to use in Flash Builder+Catalyst.


      I think that if in the future Flash Builder will support animations or BETTER integration with Catalyst (round-trip please!), than

      Flash Builder will be the BEST EDITOR for writing applications. Actually I have fear to use Flash Builder because the RIA that i develop

      may change graphical element in that while i develop the app.


      Very congratulations at Flash Builder team because i see a very very great Tools.