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    Help me please ! :-)


      Hi everybody.


      First excuse my bad english cause i'm french


      I've got a problem in AE cs5.


      It's about layers : when i want to move a layer (solid, text or what ever) in my composition it disappear !

      Normaly when you move a layer you've got this ->


      Capture d’écran 2010-06-14 à 10.50.37.png


      But me i've got that ->


      Capture d’écran 2010-06-14 à 10.28.00.png


      (just illustration)


      I've have a white rectangular and a cross inside and my text (or what ever) disappear inside. It's very tiresome when you want to adjust your layer. I had make many investigations on internet to fine a answer with no result...



      Can you help me ?


      Thanks a lot guys :-)