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    Make compatiable with older flash players?




      I'm making a site for a party I'm throwing but I found a major issue whilst using flash catalyst.

      The flash file it produces need THE latest flash player, now I didn't even thought of that to be  an issue while working on my computer, since clearly when you have flash catalyst you'll also have the latest flash player..


      But I tried the site on our university computers, my dad's computer, mom's computer and a friends's computer.. They ALL failed to play it because their flash player was out of date :S


      You answer might simple be 'they can update it'. But that would be a stupid answer sites are all about ACCESIBILITY, and if you have to start updating software just to watch a site, then you'll probably just exit the site, it's too big of an effort.


      So I'd like to know, is it possible to make the file compatible with a somewhat older version of flash player without losing anything (I'm quite sure that this movie could be played by older players too, since catalyst doesn't make very complex transitions.)



      ThQ for you time and reply