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    Regarding Embedded fonts

    Karthik@Chennai Level 1

      Hi All,

      I have applied embedded fonts in my application using CSS file.Issue we are facing for components like Titlewindow,Panel and Alert in which Header style is not reflecting with the embedded font family instead maintaining with its default font.I have also mentioned the CSS sample below for ur reference.




      fontFamily: TTVerdana;


      advancedAntiAliasing: true;






      backgroundColor: #FFFFFF;


      backgroundGradientColors: #FFFFFF, #FFFFFF;


      fontFamily: TTVerdana;


      themeColor: #FFFFFF;



      Note : I also tried out fontfamily style specific to TitleWindow,Panel etc in CSS as mentioned but still no effect





      fontFamily: TTVerdana;


      fontSize: 11;


      borderAlpha: 0.44;


      headerHeight: 20;