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    Install trouble with CS5 Master Collection


      I had some issues with

      After Effects and PPro with quicktime files not importing.  I tried a bunckh of thin

      gs people had suggested to me here on the forum.  Finally, I uninstalled everything inlcuding quickt

      ime and went to start over.  I installed quicktime 7.6.6 then restarted the machine.  When I went to the setu

      p this time for Adobe MC, I noticed a ! mark beside Premiere, After Effects, Encore, and Ai.  When I clicked more info, it told me my machine did not meet the minimum system requirements to run this software, but when I check all the specs against my machine, I can't find one thing out of check.


      The machine specs are:


      Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

      4 GB Ram

      150GB free on the hard drive

      NVidia Quadro FX 570 video card

      Quad Core duo2 2.4 GHz processor


      Any ideas why it might tell me this?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Your BIOS is configured wrongly or you miss som critical system DLLs that are required for SSE2/ SSE3 and 64bit handling. At least the installer is not detecting them. If so, nuke the system, start from scratch. Such severe misconfigurations are lamost impossible to fix post facto since flipping switches in the BIOS may completely prevent the machine from booting in its current, then invalid state.