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    Geriatric in need of help


      Hello everyone,


      An old guy here with what may be an old problem you've answered many times before, sorry if I'm being a nuisance.


      Many years ago I purchased the Macromedia Dreamweaver/Fireworks programmes and although I'm now retired and don't need Dreamweaver any more I still do use Fireworks a lot. The problem is that my present pc is getting long in the tooth and I need to replace it soon but I've long since lost the installation disc for the programmes. If I were to copy all the relevant folders, and maybe the registry entries, onto a disc from the old pc and copy them to the new one would the programmes work? I do still have the Product Number and the Serial Number as I copied these into  the Using Fireworks manual at the time I bought the programmes.


      Is there any other way anyone can advise to overcome this problem?


      Kind regards,