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    Flex in Spring Portlet MVC


      Hi All,

                i am new to flex as well as spring portlet..........we are currently facing one issue in integrating flex in portlet........

      As per our requirement we are using flex for view purpose ( as of now embedding the flex code in jsp)........what we need is

      passing the data from flex to portlet and portlet to flex.............

      can someone please help in achieving this in spring portlet MVC


      Thanks  a lot in advance

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          I am trying something very similar, a ge

          neric portlet with view JSP, embedded with MXML tags and connecting back to portlet using HTTP service & actionURI. Haven't gotten to working yet, as I am not able to find/download the tag library?

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            You can pass data to JSP page and then from JSP page to controller i.e. to portlet.

            for passing data you have to use parameter as show in bellow ex.


            ExternalInterface.call("name_of_jsp_function","parameter 1","parameter 2"....);


            and for getting data from portlet either you can directly use http service or you can pass it through jsp as a return statement.

            var portletData:Array = ExternalInterface.call("name_of_jsp_function");


            hope this will solve your problem.