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    Rowby's turn for final hardware check list - and purchase location suggestions

    rowby Level 1



      I am not waiting until July. I'm getting ready to order my hardware this week. After spending time on this forum for weeks here is what I think I will be getting.


      I am in California (that's a state in the United States), and I will probably order from Amazon, Ebay, NewEgg, etc.


      So please check out my specs and any recommendations for best prices:


      1. eForce GTX480 GTX 480 1536MB Fermi  (around $500 on Amazon and lower on Ebay).   Any other places to do online purchases?


      2. Intel  i7-980X   $999 on amazon   (any other places?)


      3.  Motherboard?   Still not sure what version to get.  Asus.  Want to be able to have lots of raids if possible  And room for future growth.


      4.  At least 3 hard drives to start with but will be adding more as I need them. FAST EXPORTING is very important to me.


      5.  Memory  at least 12 gigs.   If I buy 12 gigs now can I add 12 gigs later --  or do all 24 have to be completely matched.  What brands do you recommend.


      6.  Raid Controller - I am totally ignorant about this.  Do I need one to do what Harm's beast is doing?  Since I want fast export I have a feeling I need one.  Any recommendations?  And where to get good price?


      7.  Power Supply 


      8.  That Corsair water cooling system sure looks good -- if it can handle the heat.  And I want to keep the noise down, so I am hoping that will help.


      10.  Case.  Full size case with as much noise reduction as possible. 


      Thanks!  Can't wait to dump CS4 and move to CS5 and the Mercury Playback Engine!!



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