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    Hiding and showing ind. progressbar

    sensomage5 Level 1

      I am trying to set in my code to have a progressbar that is constantly running and just turn visibility on and off but it seems that once i turn it off it wont turn back on again.


      public function OpenCalls(params:String=''):void {

      progress.visible = true


      var skill:String = "";


      skill = skills.selectedItem.value;


      XMLloader.requestServiceManager("ServiceManagerLoad", dateStart.text, dateEnd.text, skill);


      progress.visible = false


      so pretty much each time someone clicks the "Refresh" button on my screen it calls "OpenCalls" this is when i want to turn the progressbar to show, then go through the rest of the function, then once it reachs the end of the function turn the progressbar back to hide.  I program in Pick Basic and am learning Actionscript, in once you call a function it finished each line item before moving on the the next one.  If my logic is wrong for actionscript please correct me.


      Thanks for the help,