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    Need help with Adobe Reader 9


      About three weeks ago my computer started acting crazy so I tried to run updates but I could not get on the internet because the comcast guy told me that it was my firewall. So I disabled my firewall and put on windows firewall and was able to do my updates, but then my antivirus quit working so then I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall but I could not. So I got mad and tried to restore to my last restore point but it would not let me, so when I went to run check disk Windows popped up and said it could not perform this action because the disk was busy.So I then called my friend whorepairs computers and he came over and ran combofix and installed a new antivirus. Combofix said nothing was wrong, but I still can't do system restore or checkdiscso I ran MalwareBytes and it comes up with nothing. So now all of a sudden Windows is telling me that Adobe reader 9 is corrupt and unreadable. Everytime I try to uninstall it, it won't let me. Everytime I try to install a newer version I can't because a pop up comes up and says I alredy have the file, but I can't use it to read my PDFs for class. Adobe reader 9 is messing my computer up and I need help removing it?