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    Premiere CS5 crashing on my home-built

    TonyHatch Level 1



      I made some apparently bad choices 2 years ago when I built this computer:

      mobo: Intel DP35DP

      cpu: Intel Q6600 quad-core

      ram: 4GB of OCZ (mobo requires 1.8 voltage version)


      I had problems getting the right RAM, but after a few tradeouts with OCZ and the computer installs and boots OK.


      Upgraded from Vista32 to Win7-64, and installed CS5.


      I've been crashing right and left, with BSODs.  At first I thought it might be my ASIO drivers, so I bought a new audio interface.  Still crashes.


      My question:  Is it worth troubleshooting this rig to run CS5 or should I just start over from scratch?  I recognize the rig is old and anemic for what I'm asking from it, but I was hoping to get a few more months of use from it.


      Sorry if this post is inappropriate...