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    Inconsistent flash blank-outs

    jrjgg Level 1
      Here's my problem-
      Okay. Some users experience a strange and inconsistent behavior with this flash movie. After the intro plays and the interface elements animate onto the stage, the page turns blank white. Hitting the reload browser button solves the issue.
      Again only some users experience this problem. And when that same user clears their cache the problem doesn't happen a second time. It only happens once for them. Also the problem seems to be inconsistent amongst browsers, os's, & flash plugin versions. I'd be curious to see who among us this problem happens to. It never happened to me, but I did witness it firsthand on other machines. It is really difficult to test this issue when it is so inconsistent.

      At the end on the intro, at the end of the interface-element-animation there is a nextScene() call in a tween.onMotionFinished function.
      There are no blank frames anywhere to be found in the project.
      I am using a loadMovieNum to preload the project, and the strange behavior is happening at the end of the intro scene or beginning of the 2nd scene.

      Here's the code I use to detect the end of the animation and go to the main interface.

      Thanks for all of your help!