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    Sending a file via TFTP from an AIR app.


      I'm hoping someone with a little more AIR development expertise can help me out.  I've written a little enterprise app for our company that uses an XMLSocket to send and receive data from an embedded device.  I would like to add the ability to flash the firmware on the device to my app, but the only method of loading data our device supports is TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol.)  Right now, I use my app to reboot the embedded device and put it into a TFTP server mode, then I use the built-in Windows command-line TFTP program to upload the new firmware.  I'd really like to be able to do it all from Flash, especially since Microsoft has disabled TFTP in the latest versions of Windows and our customers have to rummage around in the Control Panel to enable it.


      Does anyone know of a good TFTP implementation in ActionScript?  I saw that there is one available as part of the Zinc libraries but the price is pretty steep when I only want that one small function from them.  Any thoughts on how difficult it would be to "roll my own" TFTP upload function using a datagramSocket?


      Thank you for your time and attention,

      Tom Morrisey