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    cut and paste footage


      ok--doing homework,books,youtube to absolutely no avail


      i want to do something really simple like select some frames, cut them out and past them into other footage


      has to be simple but not discussed in my adobe classeroom in a book--nothing on you tube


      what seems to be the mystery? can it be done?

      also nothing but noise on google.


      i assume i select a frame ( doing homework--sounds like a in point, select another frame ( out point) then what





      ps using ae 3--i know it's o;d but that's what i have to use

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You cannot "paste into other footage". It's simply not how AE works. You copy&paste the entire layer and by trimming the in and out points define where it reveals layers below it. Your stack would look like that:







          That's how you do "editing" in AE.



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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Note that such tasks are much easier to do in non linear editing applications like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.  In Windows you should have access to Windows Movie Maker, in OS X you should have iMovie.


            Even Quicktime Pro allows you to copy and paste segments of video.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Mylenium and Andrew are correct about After Effects not being a video editing program like Premiere Pro. That said, you can do certain rudimentary video-editing-like things like copying, trimming, and splitting layers. Many of these basic functions are described here: "Selecting and arranging layers"

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                bustermetoo Level 1

                let me see if this is rightremember im a real newbee to aetook one class

                but never paid attention to nothing but the concepts--over 70 years i have

                learned knowing software programs is a road to a dead end as things change

                remember i am doing my reading and some  tutorials on ae--

                i really like how you expressed the footage and the frames





                here is my footage  aaaaaaBBBBBBcccc-- it is on a layer--there is one other

                layer with footage on it--i want to take the BBBBB frames and somehow put

                them into the other footage say in the middle


                like 222222222222 ( footage where i want the bbbbb frames to go)

                new footage




                ( how do i select what position in 2222222222222 i want the BBBBBBB frames

                to be( i assume i put some sort of marker in the position)


                here is what i think you are saying



                mark the inpoint  ( use B on the keyboard)  and the outpoint using the

                keyboard n


                so first footage would be



                then i would select trim giving me




                does ae automatically put this trimmed footage into a layer?


                here is where my knowledge ends


                i now have trimmed  out the BBBBB


                how do i get these frames into the  second footage

                so it looks like


                222222BBBBBBB22222  ?



                one more thing


                say i have a layer with footage BBBBBBB

                and under it a layer



                i assume that ae has a join or collapse layer command--

                so one layer would be the result











                super super thanks

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You can't do what you are trying to do. Each layer in After Effects can only contain one footage item with one in and out point. If you have 20 clips you want to edit together you must have 20 layers each with their own in and out point. These can then be rendered or the composition may be nested or pre-composed into a new composition. Rendering, pre-composing, or nesting (same thing as pre-composing) is the only way to turn multiple edits into a single footage layer.

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                    bustermetoo Level 1