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    Why might exporting to a smaller file size clear my crop settings?


      Can anyone tell me why changing the export settings to a smaller but compatible file setting might cause my crop settings to stop working?


      I'm editing some video clips from the Internet Archive; many of them were converted from tape, so they have black bars on the sides. I'm using Windows 7, Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 (with the 8.01 update patch).


      I've double checked the project settings, and they match the original files at 720 X 480 (NTSC standard). I am able to crop the clips using the edit: crop function--I set this to crop at 7.5 on all sides, then click the zoom box to fill the screen. When I export at 720 X 480 to my computer, the clip fills the frame properly, but is a little blurry. A colleague told me I could use a smaller file size when exporting, to fix the blurriness, so I tried exporting the same clip at 360 X 240. Everything else is the same. But when I export at 360 X 240, the original file's black bars on the sides come back. It's as if the crop setting was never used. From the same edited file, I can still export to 720 X 480, and that utilizes the cropping just fine.


      I also tried decreasing the fps to 15 (from 25), but it appeared to be the same result.


      Any thoughts? Should I be changing anything else in addition to this sizing?


      Thank you.