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    how do i convert videodisplay time to a legible format?

    cyber0897 Level 1

      hey guys... so i have a video display that plays... and i need to figure out how to format the currentTime and duration to a legible format

      for example: i need it to display somehting liek this "06:20:30" where 06 is hours, 20 is minits, and 30 is seconds....


      any ideas???


      any help would be greatly appretiated!!!


      the code i have is:


           <s:VideoDisplay id="videoDisplay" autoPlay="false" width="544" height="306" />
           <s:ScrubBar id="scrubBar" liveDragging="true" width="556" left="-6" top="-5" />
           <s:Label text="{videoDisplay.currentTime} / " top="-277" left="180" />
           <s:Label text="{videoDisplay.duration}" top="-277" left="200" />



      Thanks a ton in advance!!