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    Index.html Question


      If I delete the page for index.html, will my website still work?


      I can't get everything to line up correctly and I want to change it to home.html if possible.  I've already created home.html but if I have to delete index.html and it's required that I have it, I can re-create it.


      Our website is www.piquayouthfootball.com and I want to change the home page so it's lined up a little better.


      If someone can let me know what happens if I delete index.html I'd appreciate it.  I don't want to lose all of the information on the website.



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          I think you always need to keep the homepage named index.html. When someone go's to www.piquayouthfootball.com, the server will automaticly detect the index file and sends this file back to the browser as the homepage. So the homepage should always be index.html. If you have links from other pages on your website to home.html, just change those links to index.html. If you réally want to keep the homepage at home.html, you can, as long as you also keep the index.html file. (this can be a duplicate file of home.html, only with a different name).

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            JBody19 Level 1

            Thanks for the help.  I don't mind to keep the index.html link, it'd only be used when someone logs on.


            However, if I delete the link and recreate it minutes later, will I lose anything?  I don't want to lose all of the other pages and have to recreate everything.


            I guess that's more of what my question is.  I can make index.html and home.html the same but the only way I could get them to look the same would be to delete index.html and start over.


            Let me know if that will cause any issues or not.  I appreciate all of the help I can get!