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    list all local sharedobjects

      I have an application that requires to save local sharedobjects. The local sharedobjects are in different names, and the names are dynamically decided. Is there any way to list/traverse all local sharedobjects in my domain?

      Note that my application requires me not to put all objects in one sharedobject to avoid racing conditions. Hence, different sharedobjects are required.

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I think you have to know the names of them. Its been a while since I used sharedobjects and I'm not sure I understand completely the reasons why you're doing it that way (couldn't you just have separate sets of data inside the one sharedobject?), but if you have to do it that way couldn't you have one sharedobject that acts as an 'directory' and just records the arbitrary names of the other ones you have chosen? Perhaps I'm way off track and just don't understand what you're doing.
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            nehcdet Level 1
            ok. ic. i haven't found any way either. thanks.