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    project extremely slow / not responding (playback works fine)


      I am trying to edit a 3D stereoscopic short in adobe premiere CS5. I edited an initial 2D version with no problems. about 320 video assets, 90GB, and everything was fine and dandy. all done editing native DSLR (H.264) footage. smooth real time edits and effects. i was excited. hellllooo mercury engine.


      THEN, I imported the other camera data (left eye). So another 320 or so video assets, and another ~90GB worth. imported fine. project slowed just a bit, but not crazy. I started editing the footage into 3D. what I decided to do is sync the clips by putting them on top of each other in the timeline, then making the top video 60% opaque, and converge the footage (make what i want to see in focus exactly on top of each other). then i turn the opacity back to 100%, and move on.


      Sometime in the process, the project became extremely slow! what i mean by extremely is only in certain aspects: when i open a timeline with nested sequences, and MOST IMPORTANTLY WHEN I SAVE! A save now takes around 5-10 solid minutes--unacceptable. What can be done to debug this?


      when a sequence opens, within the sequence i can add/edit/do-whatever as quickly as anything. add assets to the timeline, etc, are no problems. effects/etc, NO PROBLEMS! but when it comes to save (auto save too, catches me off guard and i get upset since i know it takes a LONG time). any ideas?


      Also, i had a newer version of the project (since i back them up) that simply locked up. i couldn't move a clip on the timeline without it taking literally 5 minutes to respond again. PLEASE HELP!



      Windows 7 64bit

      CPU: i7 920 (quad core processor)

      RAM: 6GB (4.5GB allocated to premiere/CS5)

      harddrive scratch: 400GB (not same drive as source footage. also, there is no rendering since i'm editing natively, so no big render files on this drive).

      software: trial version of adobe CS5 master