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    Design View skin resolution


      Hey there,


      is it possible to get custom skins to appear in design view without creating a Theme?


      My ultimate goal is to improve the design-time experience for a custom component that I have.  The component extends SkinnableContainer and I have a skin file to go along with it.  Component and skin live in the same project as the rest of the app, but different packages.  We have several views, i.e. composite components holding chunks of the app.  Almost everything in my 'views' will live inside of one of these custom containers.  But since the skin is not getting resolved at design-time, I see the content, but not the surrounding look and feel defined in the skin.


      Everything works at run-time.


      1) First try, setting the skin Class in the stylesInitialized override



           override public function stylesInitialized():void



                this.setStyle("skinClass", HeaderContainerBSkin );




      2) Assigning the skinClass in a global css file:





                skinClass: ClassReference("components.sparkSkins.HeaderContainerBSkin");




      It seems that the only way I can get the skin to appear is to explicitly set the skinClass on the control instance or through a style placed directly in the view that I am working in.  Is there a Global way that I am missing?  is it possible to have a css file sourced prior to any design view update?


      But...  I can't even get a custom button skin to appear in design view.


      Please help.