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    Memory Problems Unique to one Project

    Susan Verner Level 1

      I have received so much help here in the past I am hopeful this time too....


      I just finished editing hours and hours of my son's high school lacrosse video with almost no problems, or at least no problems I couldn't solve using tips I've learned here before.  I burned individual game DVDs for the coach.  I produced a highlight reel comprised of over a hundred video clips.  I made a slide show of the season with still photos...again all with no major problems.


      Now today, I was given some video from a friend on a flash drive that I am trying to use in a PE8 project and I can't get past the first few minutes without constant crashing.  The flash drive has 10-30 second video clips that are much smaller than the lacrosse footage I was working with.  When I get 10 or so clips in the timeline and put in some titles I get the "system low..." message when I load the project.  When I try to add another title or more footage the system either freezes or crashes.  Also, some video clips become unlinked and show up with that red frame with different languages.  And PE8 won't let me load some of the clips saying that they are the wrong format, yet they are the same format as the others.   I can't figure out what is unique about this video that is causing these problems.  Or, what is clogging the PE8 memory.


      I made sure I have the most up to date version of PE8 today.  I also updated my Quicktime software.  When neither of those things made a difference, I tried starting over today, deleting everything.  Then I defragmented my hard disk.  After that I loaded the video again and started a new project.  But I got the same result.  I tried using a System Restore to an earlier date when I was working with ease on the other stuff, but that didn't work either.  I tried increasing the virtual memory; again, no change.


      When the system crashes I check the task manager and see that the only a small percentage of RAM is being used.


      The video I am trying to work with is in .avi format, which I have worked with before.


      I am able to load and edit the lacrosse projects even now with no problems.


      Any ideas/suggestions?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >.avi format, which I have worked with before


          AVI is just a "wrapper" and may contain almost any CODEC... just like newspaper may be used to wrap dishes in a box... or smelly fish to be thrown in the garbage


          You may be trying to edit smelly fish


          Download the FREE http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ and post a screen shot


          If that AVI is anything other than DV AVI type 2 with 48khz sound... it is likely not going to edit well, if at all

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            Paul787 Level 3

            The G-Spot utility will tell you precisely what type of file it is you are trying to work with. You might also ask the person who gave you the files what brand and model of camcorder the files came from and post that info here.


            And have you tried opening these files in MPEG Streamclip and exporting them as DV-AVI's and then bringing those files in Premiere Elements?


            Let us know how things progress.

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              Susan Verner Level 1

              After the response about AVI, I had that thought myself that I could convert the video I have.  (See, I have learned so much here over the years:) So for some files which I couldn't even open I did run them through MPEG Stream Clip.  For others I made smaller PE8 projects and then converted them to DV AVI files using the Share to PC feature of PE.  My hope is then to string these DV AVI files together in one PE8 project with titles.  I will let you know if that works.


              I didn't know that not all AVI files were the same.  Thanks for all the help!





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                Susan Verner Level 1

                Success!  I was able to combine the smaller DV AVI files into a new project with titles and burn a DVD.  To me this is the beauty of Premiere Elements:  someone like me who doesn't know an .avi from a .wmv can still produce a good video project.


                Thanks again for the help.  This resource is invaluable.

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                  Paul787 Level 3

                  Thanks for reporting back Susan. This forum has been invaluable for me also.