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    Issues with Flash CS5 in a networked Mac environment




      There seem to be some bugs with certain features in Flash 5; perhaps somebody might want try to reproduce it or might have experienced the same issues.


      We have a college lab with several iMacs; the students log into any of the computers (with OSX 10.6.3 or 10.5.8) and they are authenticated through a Mac OS X server (10.6.3) which also provides file services. So the students' files are on the server, not in the local hard disks. All CS5 updates have been applied.


      The first problem our users have detected is that when students are logged into their accounts and open the Code Snippets panel, the panel is completely blank, that is, where the "Actions", "Timeline Navigation" and other folders should be:


      no code snippets.jpg


      When using a local account these folders appear correctly in the panel area. This happens both on accounts with administrative and non-administrative privileges so the only problem appears to be when using the networked accounts.


      The students' accounts do not have privileges to write on the local hard disks except for the /Users/Shared and /tmp directories.


      I thought it might be that Flash is trying to write somewhere in the hard disk where the students' accounts can't write, but testing for this using local non-administrative accounts the issue doesn't happen and these local accounts are not supposed to write files elsewhere either other than their own home directories.


      The second issue happens with the welcome screen. When opening Flash with a local account we get this:


      welcome screen.jpg


      But when opening Flash with one of the student networked accounts, we get this:


      no welcome screen.jpg


      And the third issue our users have found is that    Control > Test Movie > Test     doesn't work correctly either; the users get an error message such as this:

      Error opening URL 'file:////Volumes/alumnos/996657/Desktop/dori.swf'


      (in the example above, "alumnos" is the name of the networked volume and "996657" is the username which is also the name of the home folder).


      So far these are some issues that seem to happen only in a networked environment that uses server authentication and file services such as this lab. Flash CS4 works correctly in this environment.