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    Audio problem importing an encore CS4 burned DVD back into Premiere

      I am using Premiere CS4 and Encore CS4 with a Matrox RTX2 (Windows) XP. I recently authored and burned a DVD in CS4. I deleted the avi files from my PC when the project was finished. 2 months later I needed to import a clip from the DVD so I placed the DVD into my DVD player via S-video output and recaptured the video I needed. The video was fine but the audio was so very, very, distorted, I could not use the clip. I have tried 3 DVD players and with the same result. I went back and tried 5 or 6 authored DVDs burned in Encore and I still get the audio distortion. I even went back and tried an authored DVDs from CS2  produced 2 or three years ago with the same results.
      I can capture any other footage from any other DVD without a problem, as long as it wasn't authored in Encore. I bought the computer from 1 Beyond and informed them of the problem, but they have no answer at this point.
      Why does the audio distort when I input into Premiere from an authored DVD.
      Does anyone know what the problem would be and what is causing this audio problem?
      Thanks for any help you may have to offer.