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    Problem exporting CS5 to CS4


      Ive been using the trial version of CS5 but I recently purchased a copy of CS4.


      I took all my fla files and saved them as CS4 files.  For the one project that worked just fine, but for my website... its completely broken due to one issue.


      My website uses a smaller window within the larger project which loads swfs for each of my projects.  With CS5 this works just fine, and you can see it at http://www.sfu.ca/~alorimer/New/VirtualDreams.swf


      Trying to test it after saving it to CS4 though... the buttons in the embedded swf files dont work.  The swf files run fine on their own, but apparently the buttons once inside a larger swf file refuse to operate.


      Im currently trying to build new files inside cs4 to see if it occurs that way, but is there a reason this shouldnt work in CS4, or that exporting should mess this up?