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    Illustrator CS3 CRASHES on Place command

    M_G6 Level 1

      What a piece of, well, you know what.


      It now crashes on using the "Place" command. Please do not steer me HERE: http://www.adobe.com/go/kb402521, as this does nothing. Trashing prefs does nothing, as well.


      I'd just love to hear from the bright boys in the Adobe programming nuthouse, and hear their pathetic excuse for why Adobe is justified in selling everyone very expensive betaware.


      And if anyone has a real fix, don't be shy to share.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          And exactly what files do you attempt to place and from which location? If the app is stuck in a specific directory and crashes due to not being alolowed to acces the directory, deleting the recent files.plist might do the trick. Should be in Library:Application Support:Adobe somewhere. That aside, you won't hear any official comments from Adobe here on this forum. It's the last lost outpost. Hell, this forum doesn't even have a dedicated moderator...



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            YKCreativeArts Level 2

            Well I had also been using Illustrator CS3 for sometime and now I am on CS5. But I didn't see this issue. I have WinXP and Mac 10.5. Has place command never worked for you or it stopped working after certain operation? If you know specifics, why don't you try contacting Adobe and report the issue at:


            BTW, if you share specifics with forum members, they may also try reproducing issue and solve it.