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    why is compiler complaining about DatagramSocketDataEvent?

    magicmouse Level 1

      I am trying to use the new UDP datagram API's that come in AIR 2.  However when I try to compile sample code from the web, in a very short program, I get a compiler error.  First why is this error occurring, and how come the compiler doesn't show the new AIr 2 API's.  I have flash cs4, is there something I can do to update the syntax coloring part of the editor to recognize Air2 APIs?


      import flash.net.NetworkInfo;
          import flash.net.NetworkInterface;
          import flash.net.URLRequest;
          import flash.net.DatagramSocket;
          import flash.net.DatagramSocketDataEvent;


         private static function on_DatagramReceived (evt:DatagramSocketDataEvent) : void


      I get an error on the function definition, it says "DatagramSocketDataEvent" was  not a compile type constant.  I imported DatagramSocketDataEvent as a known class, why am I getting this error?