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    PE3 "Unknown Error"


      This is the error I received right at the end of burning a DVD. I tried Googling the error and looked through 12 pages of the Elements forum and had no luck.


      The DVD was originally about 30 minutes long and after burning to DVD for more than an hour, I got this error. I wasn't sure what the issue was, so I cut the video to a 4 minute segment and tried again. I got the same error. I then installed the current update considering I hadn't used this program since about June '09. I checked to make sure the burner was DVD-R (as that is what I had inserted) and it was. Just for the heck of it, I tried a DVD+R and again got the same error.


      One of the odd things is that if I reinsert the same DVD, Windows DVD Maker automatically pops up as if it were a new DVD. Did the previous stuff not burn at all even though it says it did? Is it a problem with my DVD burner or PE3? I have an external DVD burner as well... would it be worth it to search for that and try it?


      The videos were edited in Premiere Pro CS3 as 720x480 .AVI files. The PE3 project file dimensions are the same.

      adobe error.JPG

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are your project file and your video files on your C drive or a second hard drive?


          Have you ensured you have all of the Windows Updates (even the ones that don't update automatically) and that you've freshly defragment your drive(s)?


          Finally, have you tried doing a Save As to save your project file in another location, in another folder with a different name? In addition to this, go to Edit/Prefeferences/Media Cache and clear your Media Cache. This will force Premiere Elements to recreate your render and transcoding files, in the event any were corrupted.


          I'm assuming, from your post, that you're using miniDV footage in a miniDV project. (I'm not clear how Premiere Pro was involved.) And that you've tried burning to a folder on your hard drive rather the directly to a DVD disc.


          Have you worked through the DVD burn troubleshooting FAQ to the right of this forum?


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            lchiu89 Level 1

            Yes, everything is stored on my C drive.


            The most recent update I did was Vista SP1 about two weeks ago. When I went to update this, it did not show any other updates available. I did burn a 20minute or so DVD back in June '09 and had no problem.


            Here's how the files were created - They were converted from VHS to digital media via a Roxio program. Then they were imported to Premiere Pro, edited, and exported as the .avi files. Then I imported the 6 or so clips into Preimere Elements where I only added DVD markers to the timeline. No editing was done here. Should I just try reinstalling PE?


            If I burn to a folder, it will still include the DVD menu and markers, right??


            The confusing thing is that it supposedly burns all the way through and has the error at the last minute; but it is an "unknown error" which doesn't help in trying to figure out what's wrong.


            I will trying clearing my Media Cache and defragging my computer and get back to you.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              If your source files are all AVIs from Premiere Pro, please ensure that they use the standard DV codec.


              Also, an error so late in the DVD burn process often indicates that the transcoding went well but the program is getting hung up trying to burn your DVD. Using the troubleshooting steps I linked you to -- particularly burning to a folder on your hard drive rather than directly to a DVD disc -- should indicate if that is the case.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Here are a couple of steps, that might be useful:


                1.) check that you have the very latest firmware update for your burner, from the mfgr's. Web site.

                2.) see this ARTICLE for tips on setting up your computer for an editing/authoring session.

                3.) see this ARTICLE for tips on tracking down clues as to what is happening when you get the crash/hang.


                Good luck,



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                  lchiu89 Level 1

                  Here's everything I tried:


                  - I defragged my computer and cleared the Media Cache

                  - I Saved As to a new name/location

                  - I tried exporting a new .avi from PE3 and reimporting it

                  - I installed a program to check the codecs and they are all DVSD. However, when I was looking over the list, there appears to be "problems," but to me it's all mumbo jumbo. This might be the issue? - http://tinypic.com/r/dq6alh/6


                  I was also somewhat stuck on was burning it to a folder. If I understand correctly, it exports all the DVD file components to a folder and then one would be able to use a non-PE program to burn the DVD. However, I don't have another program that would enable me to burn the actual DVD (versus just burning a data DVD).


                  Here's the screencap of the error again - http://tinypic.com/r/15s7dsi/6


                  And for some reason, I keep getting an error when I try to post a reply. It says I cannot post a blank response, but there are definitely words here!

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                    lchiu89 Level 1

                    I read in another post about the 3.0.2 update to make it compatible with Windows Vista... It didn't work either.



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      What you see in those pink highlighted entries are false positives. Adobe uses a slightly different naming convention for its CODEC's (all MainConcept here), to protect them from being replaced, or corrupted by other programs. Many other programs, like CODEC "packs" will go into one's computer and replace good, commercial CODEC's with hacked, free versions. Sometimes this works OK, but often things just do not work as well after the CODEC pack. By hiding them, there is far less a chance that they will be messed up by another program. Unfortunately, this naming convention is not understood by most CODEC utilities, like G-Spot, or Sherlock the CODEC Detective. They see the correct link to the CODEC in Registry, but cannot find it in the system folders. Hence, they report that there is a problem. This has been heavily documented in the fora, but usually within thread on another problem. This means that the casual user, even with a Search, might not turn up the info. It's too bad that those utilities have not been rewritten to find the Adobe/MainConcept CODEC's, or that they do not have an info message, telling their users that all is really OK.


                      That part of life is just fine, though you saw a lot of pink.


                      Good luck,