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    Detach Skin from Application?

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      My initial believe was that I want the web broswers background image to show through (transparent skin).

      I am using the spark Application Class in mxml to assign a ApplicationSkin defined in mxml (via skinClass property in mxml initially).

      This does show transparent background which is good.


      The problem I'm having applies to Fullscreen mode.

      When in full screen you see a white background on the sides of the Flash Builder Flex4 area. (okay sure expected still...)

      If I assign backgroundColor to Black ([or whatever = solid;-( no gradient anymore?!! sure skins right okay but...] you will see a black background strobe on and then off while the skinClass is initially assigned (unacceptable obviously).

      It seems the skin class overrides the backgroundColor property (which if set will show in fullscreen properly on the sides outside the swf area on it's own).


      If one could temportarily remove the Application Skin we would get to see the backgroundColor again (on the sides when in full screen), but it's not possible or intuitive and should work on it's own anyway (I humbly figured).


      One should be able to detachSkin() this should not be a protected method, but there's no point if it doesn't let you see the backgroundColor on the sides of a swf in fullscreen mode.


      Please explain what I must do to properly control the area off the swf in fullscreen mode?

      Still I feel the backgroundColor should show there (only) regardless of the SkinClass assignment (if assigned when switching to fullscreen so it doesn't show before the skinClass assignment kicks in) and/or you should be able to essentially undo the skinClass assignment (particularly when temporarily switching into fullscreen).

      I suppose if the skinclass was assigned before the background maybe that would be useful, or I might work some rectangle resize in the Application Skin class to go beyond (still not clear or easy if at all possible which I can't grasp how to handle it yet. {help and/or fix thanks})

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          as4more Level 1

          I've newly tried (after many hours as it is).

          Setting the MXML spark Application properties for alpha=0 visibility=false and then when the application completes restore them. (NOP)

          creationPolicy for the Application all (NOP) none (NOP) auto (NOP)


          Still it always flashed the backgroundColor (of black in this case) right before the transparent or whatever background of the assigned skinClass kicks in.

          (Which will be needed for fullscreen edges).

          If you leave it out initially it can not be assigned after the skinClass is (so white edges in fullscreen mode result).


          Setting width and height to zero or one and adjusting later also not an option. (This is embarasing but I've mentioned how I would have made it and expected it to work [this has to be a bug or lets call it oversight I'd love patched, thanks.])


          Maybe there's a way to programatically make/create the really application object and then drop it in to the other one (after the background is assigned and the skinClass kicks in, so the edges in fullscreen are not white).


          Is it just me or isn't this the first thing everybody does and sees it doesn't work properly (I mean we arn't past the background working right yet here)?


          I'll try this next...

          but it will probably lock&crash the browser (cause debugging fullscreen is a nightmare too) so maybe I'll post more failures after that, getting tired now though. (NOP didn't help either)

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            as4more Level 1

            Seems to be issues with wmode trasnparent in some situations still aswell.

            I might find a way to draw off screen on fullscreen event down the road as a lame patch for now.