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    XML data optimization

    vu.tuan.anh Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have developed a Flex form for LCES 8.2.1 SP2 with multiple tabs. It looks like a whole flex application.


      Now the problem is the XML data is very big. I generate 1 sample XML data and the size is about 1.4 MB.


      Everytime user opens and submits the form, the 1.4 MB XML data will go from server to client, then to server and to subsequent steps in workflow.


      Is there any way to optimize it? E.g. divide xml data into multiple nodes base on  form's tabs and load xmldata node only when viewing that tab?



      Flex form has 2 tab Application and Process,

      xmldata has 2 nodes






      And we load only <application> part of xml when user view Application tab. Is is possible?




      Thank you and regards,

      Anh, Vu Tuan