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    Problem after software upgrade


      My recent upgrade to Adobe Premier Elements 8 has produced much worse performance.

      In my interest in improving the editing performance of my Visionman video workstation, I upgraded to Windows 7 64bit and Adobe Premier Elements 8 from Win XP HOME 32bit and APE 7. This upgrade has greatly reduced the performance and video editing is now IMPOSSIBLE. When running APE 8 solo on the workstation and when I move the current time marker the preview takes more than 10 seconds to display the change. Forget playing any un-rendered sections of any project. The audio portion plays back correctly but the video play is a joke.

      Something in this upgrade is very wrong.


      AMD Phenom X4 9550 Quad Core Processor
      Asus M3A78-CM Motherboard
      AMD 780V/SB700 Chipset
      4GB DDR2-800 High Speed Memory (2x2GB)
      Integrated Radeon 3100 GPU
      2 x 1 Tbyte HD in RAID 1

      AVCHD 1440X1080 from CANON VIXIA M200

      Either I did somthing wrong in the software upgrade or this software combination on my hardware is NG.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          AVCHD editing in version 8 is problematic, unfortunately, even with a very fast system.


          I'm not an expert on RAID 1, but it's possible that type of setup runs contrary to efficient video editing performance. (We'll have to let an expert chime in with info on that though.)


          Meantime, make sure you go to the Help menu and Check for Updates to ensure you have the 8.01 patch.


          It can also help to the ATI site and ensure you have the latest firmware for your video card and then go to Apple.com and ensure you have the latest version of Quicktime.


          This should improve your performance about as much as possible.

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            nealeh Level 5

            Integrated GPU's are not usually a 'good thing' for anything much more than e-mail and surfing. Also the Radeon 3100 is around two years old now and predates PRE8. You would probably be much better of with a recent dedicated graphics card (it doesn't need to be top of the range). Try and borrow one to see if that improves your performance.


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              Drewsons Level 1



              Thank you for your input but the RAID disk set will not pose an editing issue

              as read cycle time is the same as a single disk. RAID 1 does have a slight

              increase in the write time, but this slight increase is also not an issue for NL

              video editing.


              I followed your recommendations for managing performance of Win 7 and I

              did notice a performance increase.  I have decided NOT to operate APE 8

              with AVCHD clips and I am testing different AVCHD converters from

              different companies.  I am currently testing converting to DV AVI format but

              I do not know if that format is optimal for editing in PRE.


              Another forum participant suggested that the On Board GPU may not have

              sufficient performance, but I do not believe the APE uses any of the

              acceleration offered by a GPU.


              I believe as you do that multi-core processing is much more significant in

              performance improvement.  That is the reason I purchased a QUAD CORE

              AMD processor.  Now I am wondering if the software is actually taking full

              advantage of the QUAD core.  When APE loads it reports that a "multi-core

              Processor is present" but the software struggles in previewing an HD



              I am trying to avoid having to render sections of a project to see the

              preview because rendering while editing consumes too much time and eats

              up resources.





              Drew Henderson

              Akces Media LLC






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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Premiere Elements version 8 is a particularly inefficient version of the program and doesn't seem to take full advantage of even the fastest hardware. Hopefully, this will be remedied in subsequent versions of the program.


                But, working with DV-AVIs using the DV project setting in Premiere Elements, it should fly on your system!


                It should also work well in HDV. The FAQs to the right of the program list some programs -- including a free one -- that will convert your AVCHD files to HDV.


                As always, ensure project settings match your source footage. If you're using the right project settings for DV-AVIs and for HDV, you should see neither a red nor green line above your clips when you place them on your timeline.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  A couple of observations on your system, if I understand the hardware list:


                  1. Win7 64-bit will benefit from much more RAM and will use it. Do not know how many sticks of RAM you MoBo will handle, but I'd be thinking of 8 - 12GB of RAM


                  2.) A single HDD (whether RAID, or not), is not at all efficient for video editing. A much better setup would be a 3x physical (not partitions) HDD I/O, with something like this:

                  C:\ OS, programs and possibly the Page File (set this to be statically managed, to about 1.5x the physical RAM

                  D:\ Project files and their Scratch Disks

                  E:\ Media (with HD material, this will benefit from a RAID 0 setup, or if one has more physical HDD's to allocate, perhaps RAID 30, or RAID 50)


                  Good luck,