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    Check my send button script please? Not receiving

    Xfoto Level 1

      Since I use Firefox when I click on send the bottom just says "waiting for www.website.com" after about 20 seconds it says "Done" but I get nothing...


      Send button:


      on (rollOver) {
      on (releaseOutside, rollOut) {
      on (release) {
          loadVariablesNum("form.php", 0, "POST");



      PHP form:




         $sendTo = "me@mywebsite.com";
         $subject = "test";


         $name = $_POST['name'];
         $email = $_POST['email'];
         $message = $_POST['message'];


         $body = "From: $name = $_POST['name'];$email = $_POST['email'];$message = $_POST['message'];
         mail($sendTo, $subject, $body, "From: $name\nReply-To: $email\n");





      Thanks in advance, this is the only thing causing me trouble than the website is finally done