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    onCuePoint Structure

    yevri Level 1
      I have an FLV that I imported on the main timeline with instance: vid. I have a movieClip there as well with instance: slides. I've put these two actionScript cuePoints on the video: s1 (at 0 secs) and s2 (at 20 secs). Neither of those cuePoints have parameters on them (should there be?). I want the movieClip "slides" to gotoAndStop a frame labeled "s1" when the FLV reaches the s1 cuePoint, s2 when it reaches the s2 cuePoint, etc. Here is a script I have in the first frame of the main timeline. It doesn't change frames like I want it to in the slides movieClip. What am I doing wrong?

      var vidList:Object = new Object();
      vidList.cuePoint = function (cues) {
      if (cues.info.name =="s1") {
      slides.gotoAndStop ("s1")
      else if (cues.info.name =="s2"){
      slides.gotoAndStop ("s2")

      vid.AddEventListener ("cuePoint",vidList);

      Any help here would be appreciated.