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    How to join table in LCDS




      How can I join tables in LCDS and show them in a datagrid?


      I run LCDS3 and tomcat.


      All help is appricitated

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          If an entity has relationships, joins are implicit e.g.: A customer can have multiple orders - Having access to customer gives you access to all the orders associated with the customer. Here the joins are implicit.




          However, we don’t support randomly joining tables (that don't have a relationship in the data model) in this release. You are required to create a custom data management assembler, which gives you full control over the SQL. It is likely that the next release may support joining tables directly from the data model.





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            adnan.m Level 1

            Thank you very much Amil for this information.


            In my example, how can I show data from two tables joined implicitly in one datagrid? I can create 2 datagrids, but that is now what I need.


            Thank you for time.

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              AnilKrc Level 1

              User (firstName, lastName,Address)

              Address(streetAddress,State, Country,Zipcode)


              If you wanted to show the data below in your data grid



              firstName        |       lastName   |  State


              user.firstName | user.lastName | user.address.state