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    Help tweak five grand


      MID-END proposal (prices are from http://geizhals.at/eu/)


      CPU, Motherboard, Ram:


      Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition, 6x 3.33GHz



      ASUS P6X58D Premium, X58



      G.Skill RipJaws DIMM Kit 24GB PC3-10667U CL9-9-9-24



      Harddisk sub-system:


      Areca ARC-1680-ix-8, PCIe x8



      Areca Battery Backup Modul



      10 x Samsung SpinPoint F3 1000GB, SATA II (HD103SJ)



      Case, Cooler, Optical drive, PSU, GFX:


      Lian Li PC-A71F



      Noctua NH-D14



      LiteOn iHOS104, SATA



      Corsair HX 1000W



      Colorful GeForce GTX 480



      Total: 4105,8€

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          What do you mean "tweak five grand" when you come out at € 4,105? Want to spend more?


          One obvious solution, exchange the Areca ARC 1680iX-8 for a 12 or 16 port model and change the default cache from 512 MB to either 2 or 4 GB.


          Make sure that the RipJaws do fit under the NH-D14 cooler.


          Looks like a very nice system!

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            BananerErRenGift Level 1

            Thanks,  4,105€ is five grand (if grand still refers to American paper)


            Yes, that's what we talked about, but I'm already at the absolute max of my budget. Would you suggest a cheaper GFX to make financiel headroom for the 12 port model stuffed with 2GB?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I would not choose for a lesser video card in favor of a 12 port controller. Leave it as it is, you'll have a very nince and very fast system.

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                BananerErRenGift Level 1

                You're right. At the same time... It's under 100$ only 136$ more to go for the 12-port + 2GB.


                Maybe I can shave that off finding cheaper alternatives for the PSU, case or RAM?


                But the 1000w PSU from Corsair doesn't leave a lot of headroom utilized in this system does it?

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  The PSU does not have a lot of headroom, you are correct, but depending on your workflow you can get by. How often and how long is your system running at full capacity? Remember that when rendering your video card is heavily taxed with MPE, but your disks are not, neither is your DVD burner. When encoding your video card is only used marginally, and that is a huge power hungry beast.


                  For $ 136 extra I would definitely opt for the 12 port version, but I would not try to shave that off the RAM or the PSU. If anything a cheaper case may be an option, but on the other hand remember that a good case will last for years.


                  It is often the same with a camera. People have a budget of X and ultimately decide for another camera that is X + a tiny bit, thinking they can shave that off from the tripod or the lighting kit, but they forget that a tripod and a lighting kit often last a lifetime and are the basic ingredients for successful shoots.


                  For handheld cameras any tripod below $ 750 would be unacceptable in my view, and I would expect the tripod system to equal the price of popular cameras or even exceed it, which makes a lot of people shudder, but if they consider that a good tripod can mean the difference between a great shot and a mediocre shot and the fact than a good tripod lasts for several generations of cameras, it is a different story.


                  The same applies to your basic components like case and PSU. Memory, CPU, and disks are different of course. So my suggestion is to not make compromises on the components of your choice, but maybe wait a short time to increase your available budget or profit from price decreases.

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                    Baz R Level 3

                    the noctua cpu cooler is huge, and your memory choice will most likely get in the way, because of the tall heatsinks.