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    Memory leak problems with loading videos over and over.


      I'm having memory leak problems with loading videos into a VideoPlayer aswell as FLVPlayback.

      What the flash should do:

      - Should be running for 7 days without having to restart the projector.
      - Interface that shows people around a 360 3D model with 5 different parts and at the stops it makes during the rotation you can click to zoom in on a location which plays a movie for that aswell.
      - Shows a video out of 5 parts for a 360 rotation in 3D in mp4 video (added each time and cleaned up, see code below).
      - Still images are used when the video clips are done playing (MovieClip in stage).

      - Should run automatically when there is no user interaction for X minutes.


      What the problem is:
      - The flash (as a exe and swf i guess) starts to consume memory over time (say 10 hours) until the projector crashes. This usually at around 1.75 GB of memory.
      I cannot see why the Flash cannot garbage collect this and free up the memory. Mabye there is something I don't understand about the garbage collection in flash?


      Here is some code from the video loading and playing:



      var fVideo:VideoPlayer;
      function VideoReady(pEvent:VideoEvent):void
           // start playing video
      function VideoLoad(pUrl:String):void
           trace("VideoLoad(" + pUrl + 
           if (pUrl != "")
                if (fVideoFolder + pUrl == fVideo.source)
                } else {
                     if (fVideo.state != 
      VideoState.DISCONNECTED) fVideo.stop();
      fVideo.load(fVideoFolder + pUrl);
           } else {
      // error no url
      function VideoCreate():void
           // remove old one
           if (getChildAt(0) == fVideo)
           fVideo = new 
      VideoPlayer(1024, 768);
           addChildAt(fVideo, 0);
           fVideo.autoRewind = false;
      fVideo.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE, VideoDonePlaying);
      fVideo.addEventListener(VideoEvent.READY, VideoReady);