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    How to deploy/open a swf file?

    pgpradeep Level 1



      I have developed a SWF application using FlashBuilder 4. I can run it from FlashBuilder 4 and the SWF file runs with adl.exe.

      However, I want to open/deploy this swf file from another computer that does not have FlashBuilder installed.


      How can I do this?




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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          If the SWF uses AIR APIs, then you must package it as an AIR file and install it on the other machine (which must have AIR installed). Use the Export command in Flash Builder. (Since it seems that you developed the application as an AIR project, this is most likely what you should do, but I can't be sure since you are calling it a SWF application rather than an AIR application.)


          If the SWF does not use any AIR-specific APIs, then you could also install the standalone Flash Player on the other machine and then just double-click the SWF to launch it. You could also make the SWF into an executable file using the standalone Flash Player, in which case the other computer does not need the standalone Flash Player installed. You can get the standalone Flash Player from http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

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            pgpradeep Level 1

            Hi Joe,


            I exported the AIR project into a release build, as you said, created the digital signature and installed the resulting installer package in another machine(which had AIR installed). The process worked.


            Thanks a lot.