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    Drag & Drop


      I'm trying to create a screen that allows drag & drop.  I have no problem getting the drag and drop going, but what I want it to have the Source snap above or below any items already in the Target.


      Say I have three Items, A, B, C


      I drag A onto the target, it's not at the top, and the only item.  I then drag B, but I want him to be at the top, so position slightly above A, and drop.  I would want A to shift down so that B is now at the top.  Then I drag C to the white space below A, and so A would snap below A and not cover it.


      Currently I am using a Canvas as the target.  I have played around with using a Panel which seems to do the snap to position I want, but it always takes the current source and moves it to the bottom.


      Any help or pointers would be appreciated.