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    Export problems in CS5


      hello, I recently switched to flash cs5,  I'm working on character animations, my problem is everytime I do a quicktime export, the movie generates these unwanted fragments,  like it skips frames and leave's fragments of the graphics on the movie, Screen shot 2010-06-15 at 9.41.20 PM.png


      does anyone here knows, how I can fix this? I also have problems with the audio upon export, they don't sync, even if  I had it set to stream on my workspace. - everytime I do the export it mess things up

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          Please check if this technote - http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/401/kb401520.html - helps with your issue.



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            adnesirc Level 1

            Thank you, that explains a lot. 

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              I've also got this issue, and checked the technote so will try that now. Do you have any success with exporting to HD? I had no issues when exporting full 1080 HD from Flash 8, now it struggles to create even small movies.

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                I'm really disappointed with Flash CS5, at least when it comes to trying to export in quicktime format. I have a very simple animation I've been working on that runs about 66 seconds. Very simple and minimal animation. The swf file exports flawlessly every time. The quicktime movie NEVER exports right. In fact, it exports totally randomly in terms of what it'll screw up. A word might be missing from a speech ballon in one scene, but if I export it again without making a single change to the file, it'll be there while another word in another speech balloon is missing. Or it'll screw up a simple animation like an eye blinking. I can export the file a dozen times without making a single revision to the fla file, and I'll get a dozen completely different flawed quicktime movies, ranging in severity from one dropped word to total chaos; several dropped frames, scenes overlapping each other, botched animation and artifacts everywhere. It's a total toss of the dice every time.


                I have a 3.33GHz 6-core Xeon MacPro with 24GB of RAM running OS 10.6.5. The only open app is Flash when I try to export. I have a hard time believing the system is taxed with this 66 second simple animation file. I regularly work with photoshop files that exceed 1GB and experience no hang ups with running multiple apps while doing so.


                I visited the tech note that was suggested and tried all of the "solutiions" but nothing has worked. Changing to action script 3, eleminiatng audio, etc., etc. (The custom command script was a disaster.) And seriously, doesn't it raise any flags when I have to go back and use another app to add my audio back in, or change my frame rate after export? I never experienced these problems in CS3. Sadly, I can't even save the file from CS5 to CS3 format, becuase for some reason CS4 is the oldest option available to me. I've wasted HOURS simply trying to export a file that should have taking two hours tops from start to finish. The budget was out the window long ago.


                If anyone has any suggestions as to what else I might try, or a recommendation of a stand alone application for Mac that can convert a swf file into quicktime or other movie formats, I'd appreciate the input.

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                  randomname6584, I feel you because I am suffering from the same problem. It's exceptionally frusterating. I have a PC so I think I'm in worse shape. I can't find much on the issue, but I heard that mac users can at least use final cut to import with lower frame rates and then speed it up in final cut, but it seems as if you have already tried that. I just don't understand how people on youtube or other sites seem to be able to export in good quality.