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    XML Won't Transform in Batch [JS, CS3]

    Pat R O'Neill

      When I use import xml manually into indesign, it works - but when I import it using the script below, it does not apply the transformation.

      Any ideas?


      with(app.activeDocument.xmlImportPreferences) {
              allowTransform = true;
              transformFilename = XMLTransformFile.STYLESHEET_IN_XML;
              createLinkToXML = false;
              ignoreWhitespace =true;
              ignoreUnmatchedIncoming = false;
              importCALSTables = true;
              importToSelected = false;
              allowTransform = false;
             importTextIntoTables = true;   
             repeatTextElements = false;
             removeUnmatchedExisting = false;
             importStyle = XMLImportStyles.MERGE_IMPORT;