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    Computer Geeks and Hot Car Geeks

    rowby Level 1

      Just wondering if anyone else here is like me.


      When I see guys go crazy over expensive, fast cars, I could care less. When I see them raving about speed and engines I have no interest at all. And I cannot imagine why anyone would care about driving a fast, expensive car -- especially here in Los Angeles where gridlock is intense.


      ALL I care about is fast computers.  I don't even know the model of the car I drive and quite frankly if someone asks me what brand of car I drive I have to think twice -- do I drive a Buick or an Oldsmobile?   I have to look at my car's nameplate to remind me that it is indeed an Olds. (I used to drive Buicks.)


      But let me loose at Frys and I am in Toy Heaven.